Every year the techniques applicable to markets aimed at consumers are updated and with them their executions. Each entrepreneur, businessman and merchant has his way of carrying out his work, but for all prospects there are general instruments that can be used by all, it only depends on each one the direction they are given.

That is where Neuromarketing comes in, it is neuroscience applied to marketing. It seeks to understand the behaviors related to brands and the purchase process from neural activity.

The goal of this science is to identify the areas of the brain that are activated during consumer decision-making processes. For a greater approach with the objective that we are going to consider, we must know the following elements:

  • The look: effectiveness of eye contact.
  • Colors: directly influence the way the customer feels.
  • Pricing: The “$9.99 is more attractive than $10” strategy is already quite well known. However, according to neuromarketing research, rounded numbers work best when you’re prone to making emotional decisions.

Finally, take into account everything mentioned during its application, this adding differentiating points, that is:

  • Define the value, give your work something unique that the competition does not have.
  • Know your client, listen to the opinion of your public and respond to their needs.
  • Engage all 5 senses, present your work with the right look, smell, sound, texture and taste. All this depending on the product you are presenting.


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