How to keep your team motivated?

How to keep your team motivated?

Even in the dream job, working hours become tedious and tired from time to time. Maintaining your team’s motivation in those moments lacking energy and creativity is quite a challenge, but if you take into account that it is temporary, you will be able to encourage them to renew their energies.

Being in a place where you feel that your skills are stagnant is an important factor of demotivation, organize workshops from time to time on topics related to your company that can enhance the individual tools of your team. This will make them feel that their personal development is also important to you and that they have growth opportunities within your business.

Many times, whether in large or small businesses, communication tends to break down due to lack of trust in the team or misunderstandings, this can cause demotivation by not knowing how to express ideas or discontent. Always be open to listening to different ideas, this will make your team feel part of the decisions made. Give them the confidence, in addition, to be able to express their complaints or disagreements, so you will not only be able to be aware of how your team is moving and what is happening, but you will also have the opportunity to connect with what each piece of your puzzle feels.

Publicly recognize individual efforts. The human being always seeks recognition and validation in one way or another. Recognizing the victorious ideas personally and publicly will not only encourage other members to participate and create, but you will also validate the effort that each member contributes to your company.

Disorganization within a business, in addition to keeping it away from success, is the cause of an exorbitant and, on many occasions, absent team. Determine specific positions and responsibilities for each member, this will give them an objective to meet and will help you identify the weaknesses and strengths of each area.

Hard work is valuable, time off is too. Always respect your team’s working hours, we know that once in a while there are emergencies out of hours, but the frequent abuse of this resource will make your team physically and mentally exhausted, you will notice a general decline and demotivation will come to light immediately. Value free time as much as the fulfillment of responsibilities and you will have a team ready to face new challenges.

In this 2022 keep your team motivated and excited for both their own growth and that of your business.


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