Atrio Insurance Group celebrated its 5th anniversary

Atrio Insurance Group celebrated its 5th anniversary


Last Friday, March 5, 2022, Atrio Insurance Group LLC celebrated its 5th anniversary with a small cocktail at the EDGE Restaurant, of the Four Seasons Hotel, located on Brickell Avenue, Miami. A sharing that served to consolidate the relationship between colleagues and increase the harmony of the team and its sense of belonging to the great family of Atrio Group.

The words of its President and founder of Atrio Group, Mr. Rafael Cedeño Camacho, served to remind us of the hard work, the resources invested and the effort put in place throughout the journey in these five years, underlining the fundamental role played by his work team and motivating them to strive for the future and achieve new successes.

Likewise, recognition and thanks were given to two of his collaborators, Alfonso Arria and Leticia Useche, who have provided their services since the beginning and have been an important part of the achievements and growth of Atrio Insurance Group LLC. in the State of Florida.


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