Connect through emotions with your client

Connect through emotions with your client

Although it sounds a bit cloying, it is so, emotions are becoming more important every day in buyers’ decision making, which leads our consumers to get carried away more by the sentimental value of a product than by the rational one.

According to multiple studies, the heart plays an essential role in marketing, so people are more inclined to what a product makes them feel than often the need to have it or not.

33% of purchases are rational, this means that 67% of the rest are emotional, as entrepreneurs we must take this into account since it helps a lot when we execute a new project.

How to make our product or service have that connection that users are looking for?

It is very simple Forrester Customer Experience Index, in its study indicates, “emotional satisfaction is more relevant than rational satisfaction.”

Knowing what the client feels will help you get closer, some brands ignore this element and focus only on selling and generating profits, you, on the other hand, by knowing what they feel, you will be able to give them what they want and need.

If you want to make your company last over time, you must put the customer in the middle of all your strategies to improve engagement.


A successful company is built from the inside out with the tact towards customers so that they manage to choose you.

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