Having many followers, is it important?

Having many followers, is it important?

In the course of sales, numbers have always been important, but today this is reflected in the community that we as future entrepreneurs, merchants and businessmen can have. Now, if you own one or more profiles on digital platforms, we usually take a lot of our followers as future buyers, since people interested in our products and services go through a conversion process, which really shows the percentage of the people who complete the purchase process on our pages.

If you are one of the people who give a lot of importance to the issue of followers, I will leave you with the following conclusion:


It is true that the greater the number of users, the better the result of sales, but wait a moment, do not despair. Each profile has its own essence, which is accepted and well received by your target audience.


The growth process usually has a time of release, acceptance and recognition. So each person who reaches your page will be part of an organic community, it is better to have your loyal audience that will gradually multiply to have a large number of followers who do not meet your segmentation, and do not share your interests either.


The best way to increase your impressions, reach and traffic is to create good content, show the characteristics of your services and offer quality products, in order to have recommendations and greater acceptance.

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