Optimize the use of LinkedIn.

Optimize the use of LinkedIn.


If you are part of the LinkedIn community, the following article will help you. Most of these platforms have algorithms that are compatible with the information you are providing, so you should keep in mind what to use and what not to use when choosing a job.


As you already know, these sites usually provide you with spaces that are useful to you, having well-defined keywords, responsibilities or positions will make you a standout participant.


Now, to make the algorithm work for you, you need to specify your steps and what you’re really looking for. I will show you in the following points:


1. Placing your full name in the profile or at least your name and two surnames, this will give better results when participating for a job, because you will have more initials that complement characters in said search.


2. Include your profession or contribution at the labor level, example: Creator of web pages. This will limit some terrain and guide you to the right path for you.


3. Show your own strength with which you identify, thus indicating security to a future recruiter.


4. It doesn’t hurt to always keep your profile picture updated, effectively that it meets the characteristics that you are placing in your biography.


5. Interact with users who are part of this community, so you will establish conversations that illustrate you and you can use.


Finally, keep in mind that making use of this network will open the way to groups where interaction is greater and they can provide you with valuable information for your progres

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