Entrepreneurship has no age or date on the calendar. Get active!

Entrepreneurship has no age or date on the calendar. Get active!

Surely you have wondered what is the right age to start a business? And you have wondered if you are young enough or old enough to start your business and the answer is NO! There is no perfect age, only well-made ideas. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology indicates that the average age to start a business is 45, but over time, we have shown that there are no ages. We have Mark Zukemberg whose average age was 20 years old, as well as the creator of Twitter Evan Williams who promoted this network when he was 35 years old and other great entrepreneurs. However, at the moment of wanting independence and launching a product or project on the market, there is no age distinction.


What is really relevant is maturity and vision for decision-making to take flight. So there are several aspects that you must take into consideration:


1. Balance: It is to have a balance between maturity and experience for the execution of each goal.


2. Education: There is so much competition in the market that forces us to be informed, that is why it is important that you take courses, webinars, Online classes that are consistent with your idea.


So, if your dream is to take flight in business and ride the wave of entrepreneurship, if you have an extraordinary idea, start right now. Get active! Don’t let it go, for later it’s too late. Surround yourself with people who contribute positively to your growth and collaborate with you in seeing different perspectives that make you evolve

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